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Soham Technologies

“Longevity of the energy increases when saved.” – Mr. B. N. Raval

Soham Technologies is a venture that started in the year 2011 by Mr. B. N. Raval to endorses energy savings. Mr. B. N. Raval is the Former Chief Electrical Inspector & Collector of Electricity Duty and Former Chief Engineer in Gujarat Energy Transmission Company (GETCO),Gandhinagar. With the experience of 43 years in the field of electrical engineering and energy

conservation, Mr. B. N. Raval’s Soham Technologies a way to towards creating the ‘Green World’. Our intention is to revamp your houses, offices, companies and industries for better conservation and cost reduction.

We are accredited energy auditors by the Govt. of Gujarat as well as Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA). We also have sufficient measuring instruments duly calibrated as prescribed by Govt. of Gujarat. With multiple associations, certifications and accreditation, we are the unique enterprise who offers the complete guidance and resolution for effective energy savings that increases your efficiency. 

We provide the holistic solutions regarding –

1.Energy Auditing

2.Electricity bill analysis

3.Walk through services

4.Power trading consultancy

5.Third party inspection

6.Demand side management

7.Training programs for safety and energy conservation


Meet The Team

B. N. Raval (Managing Director)



“Peace is the byproduct of knowing where your loved ones are.” – Mr. Kashyap B. Raval

GeoTag is a Start-up initiated by Mr. Kashyap Raval in the year 2018. From a college project to a company, Mr. Kashyap Raval has created a device that can keep you connected with goods as well as your kids. GeoTag provides World’s First Cost Effective GPS Tracking device. Containing attributes such as long battery life and easy to use features, GeoTag’s GPS Tracking device monitors the location of your assets like trucks, containers, buses, cars, generators, etc. from anywhere in the world. On your fingertips, you will be able to track the location, analyze thecondition and monitor the state of your goods.

It is said that prevention is better than cure. GeoTag is not limited towards just your goods. We have expanded this technology to help track your pets and kids, in case they go missing. A compact and easy to carry GPS tracker, allows you to be care free with innocence. Keeping in mind the importance of loved ones, we have designed human and animal centric device to know their where abouts.

Meet The Team

Kashyap Raval, 



We bring world class expertise in the latest generation technologies of Wind & Solar Energy.

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