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Soham Technologies offers a wide range of services for households, businesses, companies and industries. These services adhere to energy consumption and cost reduction. From large plants to a simple house, our services can be availed by all the sectors. Our services are bifurcated in three parts – Renewable, Engineering & Education. The rates for these services will be given on request.


“Renew the way of life with renewable resources.”

  • Solar rooftop installation

The solar rooftop is the most trending concept for energy savings. Whether plants, industries or households, solar rooftop instantly decreases the cost of your electricity bills. We give consultancy regarding government benefits, area, capacity, grid and off-grid installation.

  • Projects on Capex and Opex

Capex is the project with the company’s financial investments and Opex is the third party investment who provides the electrical power with the reduced rate to industrial sectors.

  • Power trading consultancy

We also offer services for providing power trading facility through open access mechanism as per I.E. Act 2003. Power shall be accessed from approved power traders with our continuous support.



“The tech that checks the efficiency.”

  • Energy Auditing 

Soham Technologies provide expertise in “ Mandatory / Detailed Energy Audit” of your plant by recognized energy auditors for a statutory requirement. We provide assistance in procuring reliable energy efficient equipment and instrumentation. Auditing we offer is always accurate as Soham Technologies is accredited consultant for 200KVA for the industrial sector and 75KW for a commercial consumer.

  • Electricity bill analysis 

We provide a detailed study of “Electricity Bill” and analyze last year’s bills to identify saving potential in terms of maximum demand and energy. The consultancy is held to identify the possible reduction in KWH consumption that depletes the cost in electricity bill.

  • Walk-through services

In walk-through services, ‘One-Day survey’ is carried out with the motto to save energy that saves money in the plant.

  • Third party inspection

We provide 3rd Party Inspection of Electrical equipment used in transmission and distribution systems. We offer Grid Interface SPV plants, HT/LT Switchgear, Substation Maintenance and Safe Operation. We also carry a follow-up visit to study the gains of energy saving measures that were implemented.

  • Demand-side management

Demand-side management encourages saving in the residential, agriculture and industrial sector. We offer guidance in accordance with Demand-side management for cost reduction and energy conservation.



Earn the green by saving it.”

Training programs -

  • Energy safety program for the ground staff
  • Energy safety program for executive official
  • Energy safety program for management officials
  • Energy conservation for School teachers
  • Energy conversation for college students
  • Energy conservation for industrial associations
  • Energy conservation for distribution engineers in utility as well as for the industrial unit



We bring world class expertise in the latest generation technologies of Wind & Solar Energy.

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