Straight to the future

For more than 12 years, the SohamTech team has been manufacturing, developing the latest, technologically advanced equipment in the field of robotics, chemistry and related natural science disciplines. We also consult for businesses, cooperate and provide mediation services in the procurement of any structurally complex equipment.

Microelectronic devices
Microchips, circuit boards, chip implant, integrated circuits, processors.
Atomic operations
Luminescent methods for studying the interaction of atomic gases with the surface of solids.
development of automated technical systems, which are the most important technical basis for the development of production.
Artificial intelligence
Own plan for the development and optimization of products related to AI.
Big data
Development and establishment of databases, big data with an increase in capacity.
Classical programming to eliminate possible bugs in automation systems.

Promising partner

We are always ready to cooperate with large and small businesses, and also actively participate in collaborations with startups. Have you decided to implement more automation for production in your enterprise? Or maybe you need advice regarding the purchase of a specific fertilizer formulation? Welcome to SohamTech.

Ernest Cooper
Karen Adkins
Laboratory assistant
Jim Flores
Head of Semiconductor Laboratory
Melissa Ortiz
Head of scientific area

Science and business

We also cooperate with multiple educational institutions, universities, research institutes. Our specialists participate in scientific conferences with reports that reflect not only scientific, but also practical advantages of the product.

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