We have audited more than 105+ huge Industries with more than 4MW & one whole Country in East Africa. Soham Technologies has pool of experience in energy auditing.

We have also trained more than 15000+ Jr. & Sr. Electrical Engineers in various industries.

Soham Technologies is headed by Shri Mr. B. N. Raval, Former Chief Electrical Inspector and Collector of Electricity Duty and Rtd. Chief Engineer, Gujarat Transmission Corporation Ltd. We have a pool of experienced engineers & offer some unique  consulting services to industrial consumers of electricity


Our Services

Detailed Energy Audit

Providing expertise in conducting Mandatory – Detailed Energy Audit of your plant by recognised energy auditors for statutory requirement. Providing assistance in procuring reliable energy efficient equipment and instrumentation to your industry.

Soham Technologies has wide experience in carrying out mandatory energy audit since last many years. We have carried out many energy audits of various industries in the State of Gujarat to  ascertain vast range of opportunities of saving  and simplify the process of making the equipments more efficient without compromising on the expected outcome.

Electricity Bill Analysis

Many industries do not have thorough knowledge of the billing methodology. From the utility bill, we can find out the consumption pattern etc. and the possibility of reducing electricity consumption. If you are completely unsure what is causing your high electric usage you can call us for assistance.  We will provide you a detailed analysis on your electricity bill. It will be advisable and beneficial to those organizations/industries who are not coming under the purview of mandatory energy audit  to get analyzed their electricity bills so that they can save a huge amount from the analysis of bills itself.

Electrical Safety Training

There are several training programs are carried out by the Soham Technologies. Below are the listed seminars that you can avail for from us.

  • Energy safety program for the ground staff.
  • Energy safety program for executive official.
  • Energy safety program for management officials.
  • Energy conservation for School teachers.
  • Energy conversation for college students.
  • Energy conservation for industrial associations.
  • Energy conservation for distribution engineers in utility as well as for the industrial unit.

Solar Power Consultant

As Solar Power Consultant, we can provide required knowledge to our clients in both the fossil fuels and renewable energy sectors with the technical, practical and data driven support needed to successfully evaluate and manage their energy use. We can evaluate different aspects of a company or client operations to develop strategies that clients can put in place to reduce energy demand.

Walk Through Services

Energy audit for 200 KVA and above consumers and also commercial consumers having more than 75 KW is mandatory.  We are accredited electrical energy auditors by Govt. of Gujarat and Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA). We have abundant  experience in the field of energy audit as per the requirement of Government.  For assessing the possibility of energy conservation measures of your plant, it is necessary to do the walk-through survey. During the walk through energy audit survey it would be possible to assess maintenance and operational energy saving opportunities. Also During the walk through survey we will  see whether a detailed energy audit is required to be done to find out detailed energy saving opportunities

Third Party Inspection

Third party inspection is the term used for independent  impartial inspection services provided by a qualified company. We provide our customers quality and dedication coupled with verification, testing and conformity assessment  for industrial markets.

Power Trading & Management

At the present scenario as per Indian Electricity Rules 2003 consumers have the option to avail power from any generator or from collective mode i.e. through Indian Exchange or Power Exchange. This power is cheaper  per kwh compared to utility cost. The Power Trading can be done in open access by (i) bilateral (ii) Group captive and (iii) Indian Exchange. With a view to facilitate our clients in getting cheaper power through open access, we are providing necessary consultancy services in power trading. The consumers consuming more than 1 MW round the clock can avail our services which will lead to considerable saving.

Safety Training in Universities & Colleges

As stated above, the incidence of fire in the industrial area / commercial area is being increased manifold in India because of electrical short circuits  and also due to lack of knowledge for prevention of such accidents. It has also been pursued  by many of the Collectorates to go in for Electrical Safety Audits to reduce the probability of fire accidents because of short circuits. It, therefore, becomes necessary to impart knowledge of the causes of accidents and its prevention. We are glad to inform you that  we are the pioneers in the process of such Electrical Safety Audits as well as trainings and we have plentiful expertise to impart safety trainings in Universities & Colleges to avoid avoidable accidents.

Substation Maintenance Consultant

The risk of a catastrophic failures can cost large time and money. The electrical substation maintenance is a process of periodic, planned inspection and if necessary, test, check, repair, and replace  all switchgear, buildings and ancillary equipment in station installations. We have bountiful knowledge for providing necessary consultancy in this direction.

Industrial Safety Consultant

The consulting team of Safety Management  has to deliver a comprehensive gist of services to support your company’s safety efforts/needs. We will personalize our expertise to the size and needs of your company with flexible list of services.

Our Success


We have audited more than 105+ huge Industries with more than 4MW


We have also trained more than 15000+ Jr. & Sr. Electrical Engineers in various industries.


Top Energy Consultant in Vadodara, Gujarat.

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About Us

Mission of Soham Technologies is to create environment friendly system that upgrades the life of every individual. To spread the awareness regarding cost effective methods that favours energy conservation is the prime motive of Soham Technologies.

Save & Grow are the two idealistic concept of Soham Technologies.


Mandatory Audit – Installation above 200kVA – Government of Gujarat

1kWh saving by each consumer per month may save about energy of more than ₹ 1000 Cr.

Tariff as a tool for conservation would lead to save money without any investment .